DIY Flash Drive Bracelet

As students we all understand the importance of a good flash drive. However, as fashion enthusiasts, we all also understand how not fashion-friendly it is to carry yours around on a lanyard. As the school year is starting, I spent a lot of time thinking about the best solution. I could carry it in my purse, but my purse tends to be somewhat cluttered and dirty and I either lose it or it gets clogged with debris (sorry, gross, I know.) So, I came up with the perfect solution: wear it in a cuter way. Because I could not find anything on the Internet to fit my fancy, I decided to make my own Flash Drive bracelet, and here is how you can too:

What you’ll need:

-       a small flash drive with closing cap
-       several feet of jewelry chain
-       several closing rings
-       spray paint in the matching color of your chains
-       a drill with a small bit
-       painter’s tape
-       wire cutters
-       needle-nose pliers
-       patience

  1.  Your USB drive will probably come with a hook on one end (for lanyards and such.) On the opposing end, drill a small hole across the corner. It needs to be small enough for a closing ring to fit through and for the USB drive to still close with the ring in it. Plan this carefully.
  2. With the drive in two separate pieces, cover the USB itself very well in painter’s tape. Several layers. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint one side entirely. Wait for it to dry. Flip the drive over and paint the other side. Wait for it to dry.
  3. Open a closing ring using the needle-nose pliers and insert in the hole you made in step one. Close the ring by pinching it with the pliers.
  4. Measure how long you want the chain to be by wrapping it around your wrist, give yourself some extra room to work with. Cut using wire-cutters. You may cut as many pieces of chain as you would like. I did six on mine.
  5. Attach one or two chains to a closing ring (again, using the needle-nose pliers.) Do this with all the chains you want on your bracelet. Once all chains have a ring on the end, attach all the closing rings to the closing ring on your USB drive.
  6. Wrap the drive and your chains around your wrist to make sure it fits how you desire. Cut the chain to fit your preferences. Attach the loose ends to the other end of the USB drive. If the built in hook is not big enough, work off the same method from step 5.
  7. Be fashionably prepared for work and school.
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